Wip-Boy Project Plug

Yep, I'm shilling for myself here. Take a look at Wipboy.com where I'm updating my current project status regularly. The site is also a work-in-progress (or WIP as it were. I chose the name well). The goal of the Wip-Boy is a Pip-Boy clone with actual real functional features rather than simple fake images.

Winter is Officially Over

I made it from December 1st to February 8th being able to wear a fleece every day. This I consider to be winter. It's officially over though as of Monday, with the return of summer temperatures. No spring or fall, just two months of winter followed by 10 months of unbearably-warm-to-ungodly-hot summer.

We're back baby!

Not that it means much to anyone but me. I've gone back to blogging over Facebook or talking at people because those mediums just didn't seem to give me the proper amount of monologuing time.