I never thought it'd be so hard to glue a rubber chicken to something!

Strangely I never imagined I'd mutter those words, but here we are. Currently I'm attempting to glue a rubber chicken to an old awards plaque as a going away present for one of our network admins (see networking troubleshooting proposal RFC2321). It seems though the rubber used to make it does not bond to hot glue, velcro adhesive, or (obviously) standard elmer's glue. I'm heading for the superglue and epoxy next.

Curious why no one in this country realises regulations protect them...

Earlier today I couldn't help but wonder just how little people realise what it takes to run this modern society. How little do they realise the mechanisms required to keep us safe and prevent fraud, corruption, negligance, and lawlessness from tearing apart its foundations...

Attempted to Kill My Brother Last Weekend

I usually enjoy the fun and festivities of Comicon because I get to see all the costumed individuals living out their fantasies for a couple days of the year. Indeed I'm certainly one of them - though my Spaceballs costume's nickname the year before last demonstrated I may have self esteem issues. One of the groups I laugh at though are the steampunkers. Apparently there is a large proportion of individuals wanting to exist in a quasi-science Victorian England, leading adventures in airships that run on nothing but steam and imagination.

Have Discovered a Walking Machine in the Office!

Apparently laying dormant in the office is a full fledged walking workstation. It's in the next building over in our Centre for Teaching and Learning. The premise is simple. There is a desk with a computer on it over an electric treadmill. You check it out for half an hour and walk the entire time you're working.

Wip-Boy Project Plug

Yep, I'm shilling for myself here. Take a look at Wipboy.com where I'm updating my current project status regularly. The site is also a work-in-progress (or WIP as it were. I chose the name well). The goal of the Wip-Boy is a Pip-Boy clone with actual real functional features rather than simple fake images.

Winter is Officially Over

I made it from December 1st to February 8th being able to wear a fleece every day. This I consider to be winter. It's officially over though as of Monday, with the return of summer temperatures. No spring or fall, just two months of winter followed by 10 months of unbearably-warm-to-ungodly-hot summer.

We're back baby!

Not that it means much to anyone but me. I've gone back to blogging over Facebook or talking at people because those mediums just didn't seem to give me the proper amount of monologuing time.